Monday, June 11, 2007

The New Straits Times, a liberal misguided agent of the Anti Hadeeth Beleifs

I have always viewed the New Straits Times as pruveyor of misguidance and fallacy when it comes to Islam. For instance, due to their abject ignorance, they decide to publish articles from Anti hadeeth sources freely.

In doing so, they reflect their true ideology of trying to impose western liberalism into Islam.
They strive to make muslims feel bad about their beliefs and instead opt for amendments of our teachings.

And, as a sign of clear desperation, the NST opt to publish articles based on writings of anti hadeeth ideologues based in Arizona. Little that NST realize, the so call Arizona based Anti Hadeeth followers are rejected by all muslims including the muslims living in the US.

By giving media space to these devianionists, the NST has lowered themselves to a bunch of rejects. They are lucky because the media is not free in Malaysia, and their political master much prefers the liberal ideology as to Islam.

Below is an url with an option to download a booklet refuting an article pubslihed by the NST: