Friday, October 23, 2009

Explanation from a Prima Damansara Resident on the Khalwat Raid Squad

Suddenly the issue of “Anti Khalwat Squad” is popularized by the media, and of course in a negative manner. The report can be read here. ( again we see the so call women’s group protesting any effort towards enforcing religious values and eradicating vice and sinful acts. It’s the trend around the world that Women’s Rights Groups are the number one champions of immorality and indecency. Anytime any one tries to do something decent, the women’s group will come to the forefront and resist. I remembered in Turkey when the government tried to pass a law outlawing adultery, it was the Turkish women’s group that came to the forefront resisting the law.

Yet, the anti khalwat group (and the adultery law in Turkey) doesn’t discriminate against gender. I mean, it takes two to tango. If you do it alone, then it’s not called khalwat, it’s called masturbation.

Below is a quotation from a resident of Prima Damanasara name budaktapah that is taken from Malaysiatoday. Hope we can share the information he gives and form a balanced opinion on the issue.

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Start of budaktapah comments:

written by budaktapah, October 23, 2009 15:39:09
heyyyy...i live there!! sorry that i was not around that weekend. If not, i will gladly joint the khalwat group.

to others, please don't bla bla bla, please don't intefere, unless you are living there, unless you are a muslim. If not, please fcuk off.

you are talking about the Muslim are trying to impose Islamic rules upon other non-muslim. But whaat about you all non-muslim directly or indirectly are imposing your free lifestyle, your free mingling, your free huha huha among males & females and called it modern-lifestyles. We muslim have compromise a lot, and still you all trying to say like, let them do what they like, let them have free life style, let them fcuk each other and have babies whom we do not know who the father are, let them be drunk and drive a car in the middle of the night and hit my bikes and my neighbour car (this actually happened infront of my unit), let them be drunk and rempit-ing in the middle of the night.

Well no more guys. One thing i like living in Prima Damansara is because the area is quite safe. The residents there almost know each other and care about each other and we will protect our area and not letting it became seriously "infested" with bad things, only then we act. How confident you all to allow some youngsters to "berkhalwat" in the middle of the night, and might eventually leads to some naughty behaviour, then some poor lady will become pregnant, she will become scared, give birth then throw the baby into some drain some where.

Islam is not about letting things to happen first only then will act, Islam is about prevention.

I'm not going to let somebody do whatever they like in my area. If you wish to be like that and say, hey its my house, i pay for it, well please think again cause you are living in an area where others also live. Unless you are staying some where in a jungle all alone, only thennn you can do whatever you like.

i am damned mad if you all say that i cannot look after my place, my area. Since the beginning we have our set of conduct to follow, be it in Islam, Hindu, Christian etc. Please do not confuse people by saying what was previously bad, but nowadays is ok to follow, like maybe in the 50s, 60s or 70s, showing your bras is considered obscene, but nowadays is normal.

I like to watch chinese kungfu movies, whereas during some scene the actress was strip off their dress and only left with her undergarment dress (something corset like dress) the actress will act to be very very ashamed and will tried to cover herself frantically. but hey, nowadays we all can see the ladies even not ashamed to wear those kind of undergarment-like dresses to offices, to markets, to movies. BUT does we the muslim say anything about it? no we do not, we act as if its your right to wear like that. So please do not say that we the muslim do not compromise.

Buttt, when we tried to protect our communities, tried to shield our son, daughters, our brothers and sisters, all hell break loose.

Do you know that in Prima Damansara we manage to counter a lot of bad things from happening. Glue sniffing children, rempit-ing, bohsia, penyamun, penyangak. We manage to minimise these things. We are not "Taliban", we are just protecting ourself.

So we all must improvise and not start banging everybody because what we the residents there are doing are just what we thought are right to do.

Your advise are most welcome, but if you all start to comment with the intention to condemn, please go away.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Confusion: Shariah vs Fiqh

Here's is my part of a series of writings about Raja Petra's glaring mistakes in his understanding of Islam and also his attempt to spread his confusion to the masses.
Raja Petra in his latest article is quoted to be saying():

“However, as I have written in the last few articles, the Shariah is not constant and neither standardised. The interpretation of the Shariah developed over 300 years from the mid-600s to the mid-900s. And there are variants to the interpretation, depending on time and place.
Sudan, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, the UK, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., all have different variants to the interpretation of the Shariah. Some even combine the Shariah with Roman, Greek, English, French, Italian, etc., laws. So which version is Zul talking about?
If you want, I can go into detail on the different interpretations of the Shariah. But this will take, maybe, 20 or 30 pages and I am sure many of you would just skip it without bothering to read it because you will find it boring or not of concern to you.”

Apparently, this is the source of Raja Petra’s confusion. He is unable to distinguish between “Fiqh” and “Shariah”. Allow me to quote Noah Feldman from his brilliant article whom I have quoted so many times:

“In fact, “Shariah” is not the word traditionally used in Arabic to refer to the processes of Islamic legal reasoning or the rulings produced through it: that word is fiqh, meaning something like Islamic jurisprudence. The word “Shariah” connotes a connection to the divine, a set of unchanging beliefs and principles that order life in accordance with God’s will. Westerners typically imagine that Shariah advocates simply want to use the Koran as their legal code. But the reality is much more complicated. Islamist politicians tend to be very vague about exactly what it would mean for Shariah to be the source for the law of the land — and with good reason, because just adopting such a principle would not determine how the legal system would actually operate.”
( )

In truth, Shariah is a set of laws shown to us from Divine sources that cannot be compromised i.e. prohibition of iqour, fornication, adultery, usury etc. These laws are set and fixed and remain fixed until the end of time.

“Fiqh” on the hand is the product of “Ijtihad” which in turn requires “mujtahid” to make interpretations or current circumstances in order to allow shariah to be applied effectively. The Fiqh is where all variations occur because in matters of fiqh, the Quran and Sunnah is silent.
Malaysia is already a hybrid state as we speak
RPK says:

“Yes, that is what the Thesaurus has to say about the word hybrid. So, a Hybrid State, as opposed to a Secular State, Theocratic State, Republic, Monarchy (meaning absolute monarchy and not Constitutional Monarchy), and whatnot, would mean it is a state that is a mixture of two or more systems.
Malaysians have a name for this. Malaysians call it rojak. And rojak would be similar to the English salad, except that it is hotter (meaning spicy rather than temperature), a mix of many types of fruits and vegetables. Hey, is the tomato a fruit or vegetable? The jury is out on that one as is the argument about whether the chicken or the egg came first. Did the chicken come from an egg or the egg that came from a chicken?
I will let Zul sort this one out as I am sure if he can make sense from a Hybrid State then he can certainly answer the question as to whether the chicken or the egg came first.”

In case RPK has been living elsewhere, Malaysia has been existing as a hybrid state since it’s inception. That is why the various Shariah courts are recognized and never considered to be illegal or ultra vires to the constitution.
In fact, shariah courts preceeds the Federal Constitution by about 2 centuries. So, for Raja Petra to think that Malaysia is a secular state is a clear sign of misapprehension. (Read here for more information

RPK, you need to stop interpreting Islam from the English version of the Quran. That is your source of confusion. The Quran is in Arabic and it was sent down in Arabic. As such, it must be interpreted and understood in it’s original language.
Then only you can tell the difference between confusion and clarity within the Islamic world.

Tulang Besi

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Islam is Against Paganism, not Modernity

The Arabs during the time the Prophet received his appointment as Prophet were steeped in Paganism and pagan cultures. Part of the pagan Arab culture at that time is:
a. gambling,
b. alcoholism,
c. fornication (free sex),
d. adultery (free sex),
e. nakedness (hence we have the jilbab),
f. idolatry,
g. disregard for hygiene ( there is a hadeeth on torcher for those who do not clean properly after urinating)
h. murder,
i. infanticide (otherwise known today as abortion)
j. homosexuality
and many more.

Many question why the punishment for alcohol in Islam is “harsh” like in the Kartika Sari’s case. In truth, the punishment is not meant for consumption of alcohol. The real enemy behind the punishment is pagan paradigm. The harsh punishment prescribed by Islam for the list above was meant to cleanse the Arabs ( and Muslims) from Paganism.

Islam views Paganism as a crime against humanity. So, there is a need to cleanse human beings from going back to their pagan ways and cultures. And it seems that humans, without guidance and enforcement will almost always slide back into paganism subconsciously.

We see now in the West that cultures like gambling, alcoholism, free sex, nakedness, infanticide etc is now considered as human rights and no legislation is allowed to be passed prohibiting them. This is where Islam will come into collision with the Western values and culture.

The West worships and upholds paganism while Islam strive to clean the human race from it. Islam’s struggle is made harder when Paganism is now masked as “human right” when it is nothing more than a deviation from human nature.

Islam on the other hand is painted as being unprogressive and repressive and not in tuned with modernity. Funny thing is that the detractors never seem to bother to mention the fact that 40 years after the law of caning for alcohol was passed, the “Pagan” and backward Arabs came out from the Arabian Peninsula and conquered the Persian Empire and 4/5 of the Roman Eastern Empire, including Spain and 4/5 of Gaul/France.

Muawiyyah was able to turn camel riding Arabs in the desert into fighting sailors and defeated the Roman navies thus preventing them from resupplying their garrisons in Alexandria resulting in the fall of the entire Northern Africa territory once belonged to the Roman Eastern Empire

So, no. The harsh punishment for alcoholism, among others, helped the Prophet SAW to turn a backward, pagan, uncivilized people of the desert into one of the most prolific empire man has even known in less than 60 years while at the same time destroying the Persian empire and reducing the Roman Eastern Empire to 1/5 of their former territories.
Their emperor, Heraklius, went into seclusion and thus insanity after his army was decimated by Khalid Ibnu Walid in Yarmuk ( Jordan).

So, I think it’s the other way round. The West is going back to Paganism. That explains their contempt to Christianity and their tolerance for anything that is not Christian including secularism. They even view progress as being anything that turns back Christianity or religion. Their most important vessel towards paganism is of course secularism.
On the hand, Islam despise and had worked tirelessly from day one to turn back the tide of paganism. This explains the tension between Western trends and Islam and I believe the tide will not subside and will forever continue.

The West are proud of their models/actresses who parades in clothes that exposes 4/5 of their bodies. It is exactly the culture of the pagan Arabs during the time of the Prophet where women were proud of exposing the cleavages. Hence, Islam prescribed the “jilbab” to cure this element of paganism. The West decides to ridicule the “Jilbab” and labels them as being backward and anti progress when it is them that is sliding into “cave men” mentality.

So, the way Western media responded to the Kartika Sari’s caning should not have been a surprise to any Muslim. Since, the Kartika Sari’s punishment is a step towards climbing out of paganism which the West despises so much, It is a slap in the face to Western hypocrisy and western media responded the only way they know, the Pagan way.

Tulang Besi
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