Friday, October 23, 2009

Explanation from a Prima Damansara Resident on the Khalwat Raid Squad

Suddenly the issue of “Anti Khalwat Squad” is popularized by the media, and of course in a negative manner. The report can be read here. ( again we see the so call women’s group protesting any effort towards enforcing religious values and eradicating vice and sinful acts. It’s the trend around the world that Women’s Rights Groups are the number one champions of immorality and indecency. Anytime any one tries to do something decent, the women’s group will come to the forefront and resist. I remembered in Turkey when the government tried to pass a law outlawing adultery, it was the Turkish women’s group that came to the forefront resisting the law.

Yet, the anti khalwat group (and the adultery law in Turkey) doesn’t discriminate against gender. I mean, it takes two to tango. If you do it alone, then it’s not called khalwat, it’s called masturbation.

Below is a quotation from a resident of Prima Damanasara name budaktapah that is taken from Malaysiatoday. Hope we can share the information he gives and form a balanced opinion on the issue.

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Start of budaktapah comments:

written by budaktapah, October 23, 2009 15:39:09
heyyyy...i live there!! sorry that i was not around that weekend. If not, i will gladly joint the khalwat group.

to others, please don't bla bla bla, please don't intefere, unless you are living there, unless you are a muslim. If not, please fcuk off.

you are talking about the Muslim are trying to impose Islamic rules upon other non-muslim. But whaat about you all non-muslim directly or indirectly are imposing your free lifestyle, your free mingling, your free huha huha among males & females and called it modern-lifestyles. We muslim have compromise a lot, and still you all trying to say like, let them do what they like, let them have free life style, let them fcuk each other and have babies whom we do not know who the father are, let them be drunk and drive a car in the middle of the night and hit my bikes and my neighbour car (this actually happened infront of my unit), let them be drunk and rempit-ing in the middle of the night.

Well no more guys. One thing i like living in Prima Damansara is because the area is quite safe. The residents there almost know each other and care about each other and we will protect our area and not letting it became seriously "infested" with bad things, only then we act. How confident you all to allow some youngsters to "berkhalwat" in the middle of the night, and might eventually leads to some naughty behaviour, then some poor lady will become pregnant, she will become scared, give birth then throw the baby into some drain some where.

Islam is not about letting things to happen first only then will act, Islam is about prevention.

I'm not going to let somebody do whatever they like in my area. If you wish to be like that and say, hey its my house, i pay for it, well please think again cause you are living in an area where others also live. Unless you are staying some where in a jungle all alone, only thennn you can do whatever you like.

i am damned mad if you all say that i cannot look after my place, my area. Since the beginning we have our set of conduct to follow, be it in Islam, Hindu, Christian etc. Please do not confuse people by saying what was previously bad, but nowadays is ok to follow, like maybe in the 50s, 60s or 70s, showing your bras is considered obscene, but nowadays is normal.

I like to watch chinese kungfu movies, whereas during some scene the actress was strip off their dress and only left with her undergarment dress (something corset like dress) the actress will act to be very very ashamed and will tried to cover herself frantically. but hey, nowadays we all can see the ladies even not ashamed to wear those kind of undergarment-like dresses to offices, to markets, to movies. BUT does we the muslim say anything about it? no we do not, we act as if its your right to wear like that. So please do not say that we the muslim do not compromise.

Buttt, when we tried to protect our communities, tried to shield our son, daughters, our brothers and sisters, all hell break loose.

Do you know that in Prima Damansara we manage to counter a lot of bad things from happening. Glue sniffing children, rempit-ing, bohsia, penyamun, penyangak. We manage to minimise these things. We are not "Taliban", we are just protecting ourself.

So we all must improvise and not start banging everybody because what we the residents there are doing are just what we thought are right to do.

Your advise are most welcome, but if you all start to comment with the intention to condemn, please go away.


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