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Anti Hadeeth’s Quran is From The Planet Uranus

Anti Hadeeth’s Quran is From The Planet Uranus

After a series of debates with many of the Anti Hadeeth exponents, I have come to one very important discovery - that the Anti Hadeeth’s Quran is not the Quran that was sent down by God. Their Quran comes from the Planet Uranus.

Why do I say this? Because of the way they whimsically rearrange the meaning of the Quran,so much so, they changed completely the message originally intended by a verse. I will quote to you a number of examples below.

But first, allow me to express several observation made during my debate with Anti Hadeeth and a few Anti hadeeth individuals in the forum like Farook, AdmiralTojo, ShameonYou5, LadyMessiah and so on and so forth.

Observation 1: The Anti Hadeeth seems to have mutated into a more disgusting form. The Rashad Khalifah version is bad enough, but, it seems that there is a new mutation led by a new “Prophet” called AididSafar. Among the differences between the group are the prohibition of alcohol, the prohibition of pigs and many more. The Old “Anti Hadeeth” agrees on the prohibition while the new anti hadeeth seems rejects the prohibition.

Observation 2: The Anti-Hadeeth, old and new, relies on the changing of God’s words to support their case and to give a false pretense that their ideology is Quran-based. The sad truth is that their ideology is anything but the Quran. Their sole basis of existence is nothing more than their whimsical interpretation of the Quran’s translation.

Observation 3: They are not very good at answering difficult question related to their ideology. To date, the True Muslim character has failed to provide the readers any significant information as to what constitutes their ideology. At least, the AdmiralTojo character (from the new anti hadeeth clan) is pretty straightforward in his methodology (he is pretty proud of the fact that his sect changes the meaning of the Quran to fit his agenda)

Observation 4: While these people keep reading the verses of the Quran in Arabic, none of their conclusion adheres the Quran, when it is understood in the Arabic language. For Admiraltojo, despite quoting several passages from his “Uranus Based” Quran, he has failed to quote the 10 verses in the Quran that states specifically the language of the Quran. TM, on the other hand, unequivocally rejects the entire Arabic language despite quoting verses from the Quran stating the Quran is in Arabic.

Observation 5: The Anti Hadeeth, new and old, has a sort of superiority complex based upon their notion that the muslims are backwards and under-developed. They seems to feel that the West will accept them should they change and contort Islam into a shape that is liked by the West. (Note : Tell that to the Bosnians).

Observation 6: They seem to have this thing against Arabs. Despite the fact that Rashad Khalifah was an Egyptian Arab. So, I speculate that the old Anti Hadeeth consist of those less hateful of Arabs while the new anti hadeeth are more. I suspect the New Anti Hadeeth is based in Turkey.

Now, let me quote to you several examples that I’ve noticed

1.0 “Al Masjid Al Haram” - They translate it as “Sacred Submission”. They justify by saying that the word “masjid” comes from the word “sajada” which means “to submit”. I quote AdmiralTojo: “As mentioned in the Reading the word sujud means submit or being subservient.”


The word “sajada” means “to prostrate” and not “to submit”. The word “masjid” is means “a place to prostrate”. For example the verse 55:6

“wal-najmu wal-sajaru yasjudan”(55:3-7) – “and the stars and the trees all are prostrating

Prostrating is a physical act, whereby submitting is a concept. Prostrating is specific while submitting is general.

I’m not going to dwell on this topic too long, but suffice to comment on a passage quoted from AididSafr/Admiraltojo and show you how ignorant these people are:

“The forms sujud, yas-judan, sujadan, sajid and masjid derive from the root sajada which means submit. None of these words refers to the act of physical prostration.”

It’s amazing at how anyone can make this type of statement. If they all mean the same, why then are they PRONOUNCED differently?. It doesn’t take an educated man to see the difference between these words. In fact, you don’t have to be educated to see there is a difference in these words. All u need to be is literate. Even an illiterate Arab can tell u that these words are different.

I think from kindergarten we were taught that words means differently because they are meant to refer to different meanings.

Suffice to say, these people would stop at nothing to support their perverted and demented brand of religion, even to the extent of changing the meaning of the Quran.

2.0 In 02:54, they changed the meaning of the word “anfusakum” to either mean “your ego” (from TM) or (your souls) (AdmiralTojo/Aididsafr’s Quran).

TRUTH: It means “yourselves” and it refers to the Bani Israel and their order for them to kill themselves for the crime of apostasy. The word “anfusakum” comes from the word “nafs” which means “oneself”. “Anfusakum” refers to “yourselves” in plural. It could not mean “soul” because “soul” is “ruh” in Arabic. It cannot mean “ego” because “ego” is “ana” or “ilat” or “gharur” in Arabic.

3.0 The main motivation for Anti Hadeeth in changing the meaning of 02:54 is because they have mistakenly went to town telling others that there is no death penalty for apostasy in the Quran. However, when 02:54 was made to light to them, they had to resort to acts of contortioning of the Quran in order to preserve their credibility. Like they have any to start with.

4.0 Anti hadeeth claims that amputation (for the crime of theft) doesn’t exist in the Quran. They change the meaning of the word from “your hands” to “your means of living”

TRUTH : In the Arabic language, the word “Aydi” stands for hands and nothing else. If God wanted to say “ means of living” he would have said so. God doesn’t need Farook, True Muslim, AdmiralTojo and all the Anti Hadeeth to put words in His mouth.

Notice, that the word “Aydi” is given in the “jama’-nakirah” form and not “ma’rifah” form to point to the common meaning of the word “aydi” in the Arabic language. In short, it means “hands”.

5.0 “Al Kitab and Kitab is the same”. They claim that the “Al(alif lam)” at the start of a word is the same with words without it.

TRUTH: Any street Arabs will tell u that this is an idiotic statement. Even idiots among the arabs knows that there is a different between the two. In short, the anti hadeeth has reduced themselves to a level lower than idiots.

6.0 TM renounced “wau atfa” completely. He says that the “wau” between “al kitab” and “al hikmah” does not differentiate between “al kitab” and “al hikmah”. They both can mean the same.

TRUTH: When God says “Wasyamsi wa dhuhaha” is God saying that “the Sun” is the same as “the dusk” (in verse 91:01) ? Does TM assumes that "Asy Syams" is the same as "Ad Dhuha"

7.0 Anti Hadeeth claims that there is only 3 salat in the Quran.

TRUTH: There is more than 3 salah in the Quran BASED ON THE QURAN. Noticed the wordings in the verses I shall quote u below:

a. 11:114 – the word used in “zulufayn” which indicates a quantity of 2,

b. 02:238 – the word used is “salawat” which is “plural” which indicates a quantity of 3.

As a result, the number of salat mentioned in the Quran is at least 3+2 = 5. However u look at it, the Quran has never advocated the idea that there is only 3 salat.

8.0 Lastly, there are other instances like “no Majaz in the Quran” or “al Khamr” does not mean liquor etc which is clearly based upon their abject ignorance of the Arabic language.

Please heed God’s directive on the language of the Quran. 12:02 “We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an, in order that ye may learn wisdom.”.

The Anti Hadeeth and it’s spawn or mutations have one fundamental trait: they all interpret their Quran from it’s translation, not in the original language of the Quran.

And, by just writing down how a certain verse is read in Arabic does not constitute the action of understanding the Quran in its original language, Arabic. (One may have noticed that Anti Hadeeth frequently cites the Arabic reading of the Quran in their writings but when they give their interpretation, they completely blew it)

Lastly, to those who are about to start adopting the Anti hadeeth ideology, please aware that their methodology is nothing more than interpreting the Quran directly from the Translations and nothing more. Remember, that the translation of a Quran is not the Quran.


red1 said...

Hm.. some nostalgic topic! If i may indulge myself:

1) I met Kassim Ahmad in 1987 when invited to speak as replacement of Khalid Samad at an Aliran Conference on Constitution, which honoured the AlMarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Al Haj. Kassim and me were co-panelists and i couldn't help but take a short snip at his anti-hadith stand at that time. I quoted the verses form the Quran about Yukadzdzibubiddin - on how the traitors of the deen are those who did not feed the poor and take care of the orphans. I then turned to Kassim Ahmad and said, "Don't worry, this is not hadith. This is Quran! :-) "

2) One day my neighbour whom i know not to be that book worm on Islam suddenly dragged me to his house and listen to some of his new gang that tried to corner me into admitting their stand on Ant-Hadism. I cut them short by asking them this,

"Ok fine! Lets just take the Quran, no hadith. Now... which Quran?"

They answered, "Well we got Pikthal here, and there is Yusuf Ali, Muhamad Asad, Syed Qutb"

"Yes, but i mean the real Quran? If i may, the words in the Quran itself said, "fii luhmahfuz" (from that alam ghaib that perserves this Quran) and "dzalikal kitab" as in 'that book fi luh mahfuz and not this here'. So i beseeched them not to bring me any quran other than that from Luh Mahfuz.

Of course they refuse to accept my part of the story which mind you, i did take many years of research myself which involves some beduins arabs in the midst.

Redhuan D. Oon

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulilah Quran and hadith is like body and soul one cannot survive without the other so the anti hadith and the Kassim Ahmads of this world will enjoy Jahannam for a long long long time,Inshaallah

TruthBehindIt said...

Yes, a very very few people are antihadith(of course man made)....Alhamdolillah.

They dont need any ghairillahs to tell them about Allah's Deen Al Islam.
Allah's Deen has been well defined in Allah' Book.
Because Deen is Allah's (not Muhammad's), so it must not be in book authored by must be in a Book authored by Allah.

---"Shall I seek OTHER THAN ALLAH as a source of law, when He has revealedTHIS BOOK FULLY DETAILED? ....The word of your Lord is COMPLETE, inTruth and Justice. Nothing shall abrogate His words; He is The Hearer, TheOmniscient. Yet, if you obey the majority of people on earth, they will take youaway from The Path of Allah (which is Al-Quraan alone). That is because theyfollow CONJECTURE, and they do not but falsify. " (Al-Anaam:114-116)---
Sourceof Law is only Allah, that is His Holy Quraan. Proven....!!!


Allah declares that Majority is misguided.And majority is Bukhari-worshippers
So, hold yourself, and read further, :---(
Yet, if you obey the majority of people onearth, they will take you away from The Path of Allah (which is Al-Quraan alone)."
---Because the liars (shirk-doers) have always been in majority,even at the time of the Last Messenger these liars were in majority (the christians, the jews, munafiqeen, and many others on the face of the earth). That is why, Allah isadvising even His Exalted Messenger:---(
Yet, if you obey the majority of people onearth, they will take you away from The Path of Allah (which is Al-Quraanalone)."
)---Now hold your breath nice and good readers!---The majority of The Last Ummah, rightfrom Makkah, Madinah---to---every part of the so-called Islamic countries (in fact,countries of the rejectors of Allah's Quraan), all of them follow their rubbs, Bukhari andMuslim as a source of Law. Tell me, should we follow the majority of the last ummah,when Allah The All-Knower, The Most Wise has already declared for our Guidance thatthe majority is always the liars, shirk-doers and misguided. Rightly guided (only and onlyQuraan-followers) have always been (even at the time of the Last Messenger), and willalways be, in minority. A very little, little, little minority. You try to find, and will neverfind. They are, perhaps, 1,2 or 3 out of a million. Read Allah's Quran that the Messengerbrought, and make an introspection, you will weep a lot and struck with fear, that suchpeople (the Quraan-followers) are 1,2 or 3 in a million. Allah declares only a few arebelievers. Else are garbage. Lovers of this garbage world, garbage honor and garbagecomfort.

The Rasool called people to Allah (His Book), and never called them to a book written with his own understanding, never called them to Sahah Sittah.

This is proven from Al-Quran, Al-Burhan, Al-Furqaan.

TruthBehindIt said...

Anti Sahah Sittah (which is not Qol of Rasool at all)'s Quran is not from the planet is from the Creator and Sustainer and King of the universe, Allah.

But fabricated hadith follower's quran is Sahah Sittah....because Sahah Sittah approves and disapproves Al Quran for the ummah.

(10: 15)...who are the people demanding another quran or demnding to make changes (according to their carnal desires) in Allah's Quran.....who are they...........???

In the life of the Nabi, no one could dare..........but more than 200 years after the death of the Nabi.........finally, they got their "another quran"....Sahah Sittah.