Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Debate With An Anti Hadeeth On The Issue Of Apostasy

Based on Farook’s input, I can conclude:

1.0 He assigns meaning to words in the Quran as he pleases without any justification. For instance, when he translates “nafs” as soul, it is without any basis in the Arabic language. It’s just his wish and pleasure. Many will want to know where Farook gets the authority to change the word of God in ways that pleases Farook?

2.0 He will ignore parts of a verse as he pleases. The verses 02:54 and 02:55 starts with the words; <>, which means “and when”. These words means something, and in this context, it referring to two DIFFERENT INCIDENCES. Tell me Farook, why is it that there are no at the start of 02:56?. Same passage doesn’t mean same story.

3.0 At this point you will notice that Farook’s methodology is the same for all Anti-Hadeeth ideologue. They assign meanings to the Quran just as they please and start calling others disjointed and confused for not following their ways. I’m going to assume that all this is a form of “defence mechanism” on their part for deep in their heart, they know that their ways are far from the Quran.

4.0 Farook attempts to confuse the language by citing this example:
“Have a look at 5/116: Faqad `Alimtahu Ta`lamu Mâ Fî Nafsî Wa Lâ 'A`lamu Mâ Fî Nafsika . The 'nafsika' here, who does it refer to please? Does Allah have a body?”

Reply: Is Farook saying that God has a soul? It works both ways Farook. “Nafs” means “oneself”, If it’s referring to humans, then it’s referring to the entire human, body and soul. If it’s referring to God, then it’s referring to God. How God looks like we don’t know <….laisakmislihi shaiun..>. Only God knows.
How is that so difficult to understand?

5.0 Farook asks “Have a look at 61/14, the phrase 'thaifatan min bani israil' (a group from bani israil'. Why is that phraseology missing from 2/54?”

Reply : Simple, in 02:54 “qaum” refers to one tribe. In 16:14, the word “Thaifah” refers to a group among the Bani Israel without reference to any tribe. It’s that simple.

6.0 Farook is also confused about the concept of apostasy. He says “It makes sense for
you to command a people who left Islam to follow an Islamic law. Good stuff.”.

Reply : If they didn’t leave Islam, then it wouldn’t be called apostasy. Thus, all this
will not be an issue anymore. The punishment is for the act of leaving Islam after one
has converted to Islam uncoerced. Smart people don’t ask stupid question like this.
7.0 Farook also accused me of having disjointed and manipulative reading. Yet, he changed the meanings of the words in the Quran whimsically, ignore words in the Quran when he sees fit, introduced inconsistency in the Quran by adopting silly and dumb methodology.

8.0 Prophet Sulaiman did build statues as stated in the Quran, Farook. But, we are told by the second Revalation, the Sunnah, it is prohibited for the UMMAH OF MUHAMMAD. It was not prohibited to the people of Solomon, then. However, the second Revelations tells us that the punishment for apostasy stays.
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