Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exposing Anti Hadeeth Lies On Imam Bukhari

In this article I shall try to point out the lies promoted by Anti Hadeeth against Imam Bukhari.

For your kind information, ALL of their attacks on Imam Bukhari are taken from Syiah sources. The Anti Hadeeth are too dumb to understand the writings of Imam Bukhari so much that they have to depend on third party sources to mount their attacks.I

The source of defamation on Imam Bukhari is taken from

ATTACK #1: How could Imam Bukhari writes down 600,000 hadeeth in 16 years. They says
“600,000 hadith / 16 years = 37,500 per year = 3,125 per month = 104.66 per day (30 days
in a month) = 8.68 hadith per hour (assuming a 12 hour day).

no breaks for lunch, 5 times prayer, kentut, toilet, public holidays, wesak day etc. bullshit.
Also, where did he get the time to teach 90,000 people ??

MY REPLY: That’s because you’re an idiot as like any typical run-of-the-mills Anti Hadeeth. When
we say Hadeeth, we refer to “matn” and “sanad”. 1 hadeeth have one matn and one sanad. The
next hadeeth will have the same matn but different sanad. The third hadeeth will have the same
sanad but different matn.

Therefore, it doesn’t take Imam Bukhari more than one hour to memorize/analyze/write down 200
hadeeth at least.

200 hadeeth = 1 hr

2400 hadeeth = 12 hrs/day

38400 hadeeth= In 16 days(average)

And for 16 years Imam Bukhari have the capacity to narrate/analyze/write more than
14,016,000 hadeeth.

THEREFORE, since he only analyzed 700,000, it shows that he managed to make time for
other activities as well i.e. eating, travelling, teachings etc.

ATTACK #2 : Anti Hadeeth claims that Imam Bukhari’s lineage specifically his great,great grandfather by the name of Bardizba al Jufri.

MY REPLY: This is actually true considering that at that time, the call for Islam has not reached Bukhara. It’s clear that the son of Bardizba, Ibn Mughira converted to Islam and that’s when Imam Bukhari’s family started contributing to the scholarly works of Islam

ATTACK #3 : That Imam Bukhari and many Imams of Islam are fire worshippers and have never ceased from worshipping fires. They rely their case upon a book written by Abdul Wadud at

MY REPLY: In truth, Syed Abdul Wadud is a deranged man claiming the existence of a Persian-Zorostarianism conspiracy against the Quran and against Islam. He claims that the Al Hadeeth is a product, or by-product of such conspiracy.

Of course, he provides no legitimate proof or any evidence that can hold up in court. Most of what he writes are either sourced from the orientalists or the Shia sources themselves.

Among the glaring mistake that is contained in his book is

1. Never did he quote verses 16:44, 16:64, 62:02, 02:231, 02:151 and many more in his analysis of the Quran.
2. He listed the six Imam Hadeeth and calls them all PERSIANS. Everyone knows that Imam Muslim is an Arab, so is Abu Dawood, An Nasai and Ibnu Majah. The only one that’s not Arab is Imam Bukhari. So much for relying on credible source.
3. He still quotes sources from Al Hadeeth An Nabawiy and make his conclusion based on that
4. He doesn’t understand a single thing about what he read in the Hadeeth and all that he has quoted
5. His historical facts are either unfounded or figments of his own imagination.

Therefore, the Anti Hadeeth relies on crack-pot intellect like Abdul Wadud to get their justification in attacking Imam Bukhari.

ATTACK #4 : Anti Hadeeth claims that Imam Bukhari memorized 600,000 hadeeth yet he only authenticate 7000 and declared the rest to be inauthentic

MY REPLY: Those learned in Ulum Al Hadeeth would know that Imam Bukhari had never declared
other than the 7000 hadeeth to be unauthentic.My only comment is for those who accuses Imam
Bukhari of something and fail to provide proof, he/she is an outright liar. As for the question of who
wrote Sahih Bukhari, let me remind all of us that the works of Imam Bukhari have been studied by
all scholars, muslims and non. Yet, not a single one of them ever doubted that the Sahih was
written by Imam Bukhari.

ATTACK #5 : The list of teachers of Imam Bukhari are like so:

1. Tabi'een

2. Contemporaries of Tabi'een but did not narrate.

3. Heard from elderly Tabi'een.

4. Narrates from his colleagues who were his seniors.

5. Narrates from his juniors.

Anti Hadeeth then went on saying “contemporaries of tabi'een but did not narrate”.
so they kept their mouth shut !! so how did bukhari get the hadith from them – did he
force them to narrate ???

MY REPLY: He studied under them about the hadeeth he narrated. He doesn’t get narration
from them because they do not want to be in the chain of narration. But, these tabieen knows
about hadeeth as much as the tabi’een who narrates Hadeeth

ATTACK #6: There is no evidence as to who wrote Aj Jami' As Sahih. There is no evidence that
Imam Bukhari wrote the book.

MY REPLY: In fact, the Sahih Bukhari is the most recorded document in history. The reason
why there are so many version is because the Aj Jami is recorded by so many of Imam Bukhari's
students. At least 90,000 students studied directlyunder him.
Therefore, when is AJ Jami's is recorded, there are bound to be more than one version.
But ALL VERSIONS contained the same number of hadeeth.

According to Ibn Hajar Asqalani in his book Nukat, the
number of hadiths in all narrations (versions) is the same. The most famous one
today is the version narrated by al-Firabri (d. 932), who is a trusted
student of Bukhari. Khatib al-Baghdadi in his book History of Baghdad had quoted
Firabrisaying: "There were about seventy thousand people who have heard Sahih
Bukhari with me".

Firabri is not the only transmitter of Sahih al-Bukhari. There were many others that narrated that book to later generations, such as Ibrahim ibn Ma'qal (d. 907), Hammad ibn Shaker (d. 923), Mansur Burduzi (d. 931), and Husain Mahamili (d. 941). There are many books that noted differences between these versions; Fath al-Bari is the most famous among them.


Morphious said...

God job!
I only recently heard of the anti hadeeth people.
They have very weak arguments.
The problem is some of them manipulate the Koran to make it seem like following hadeeth is the same as when the kofar of mecca followed their fathers' religion.
I have some of their arguments if u like message me so you can help reply to their arguments.
Salamo 3alykom
P.S your writing style although very efficient is alittle harsh, some people who are mislead and not evil may not listen because of having harsh feelings, i understand ur anger though

anis_matar said...

so 200 hadeeths an hour, something like more than 3 hadeeths in a minute. Hmmmm, Bukhari seems a Superman in deep analysis. If he was sent instead of prophet Mohammad I am sure he could write down Quran in 24 hours, and maybe change it's name to teach yourself a holy scripture in 24 hours.

:) 3 a minute, lol, cheers bro, what search engine did he use to sort out those matns and sanads so quickly?

Anonymous said...

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Matt Azimi said...
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Matt Azimi said...

Just FYI (and this is the only part of your argument I chose to investigate, since it seemed the one least based in any citations), the imams you say were not really Persian but actually Arab, ARE Persian according to some quick google and wikipedia research I did. I know wikipedia's not the best thing in the world, but it's still quite good. They were all born in Persia, and the only person who wasn't additionally ethnically Persian is Abu Dawood, who was ethnically Arab. I'm not saying anything about your general argument/opinion, but just that it would behoove you to make sure you are accurate and back that up with citations for each and every part of your arguments, especially if you wish to be unlike Dr. Wadud; as you state he does not provide adequate citation. Have a concrete foundation for your own arguments before heatedly rambling off into cyberspace (or any form of space).


Anonymous said...


When the Quran says the prophet went on the Isra, the Buraq and heavenly ascension is never mentioned. Bukhari gives a beautiful narrative, but it is a plaigirism of Zoroaster belief. If you don't believe me read their own books. The same exact story is there, flying horse, meeting with Ahura Mazda, etc. So it is in fact a Persian conspiracy, at least in Bukhari's "sahih" hadith. Please try to refute this claim and prove your Deen...

Anonymous said...

How do you explain when actually most hadiths clearly contradict the Quran? e.g punishment for apostates, adultery etc. If there are so many contradictions, would you still follow them?

Young Muslim Thinker said...

Most ahadith are contradicting Qur'an. They contain ahadith that make our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) look like a womanizer, pedophile, intolerant, evil. And contain ahadith that are so misogynistic and anti-dog.

Your proof is just pointless. Quranists never consider themselves Sunni or Shia or etc.

Why don't you read and make your own research on Quranists' blogs or websites?

safir akyurek said...

" 200 hadeeths an hour, something like more than 3 hadeeths in a minute. Hmmmm, Bukhari seems a Superman in deep analysis" like brother said bukhari was superman :) :) in fact, they don't belive qur'an

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Unknown said...

`Amr b. Maymûn – a Companion – in Sahîh al-Bukhârî (3849):
I had seen in the days of ignorance before Islam, some monkeys who surrounded a she-monkey who had committed unlawful sexual intercourse and they stoned it, so I stoned it along with them.
When was "before Islam", was that before the existence of Ibrahim AS ?
Now monkeys should be muslims then ? and have to marry so that not to have unlawful sexual intercourse !
Did the prophet prayed salat ul Isha before going to Miraj ? If so, then he didn't received salat as a gift as he already had it !

10:15 And when Our verses are recited to them as clear evidences, those who do not expect the meeting with Us say, "Bring us a Qur'an other than this or change it." Say, [O Muhammad], "It is not for me to change it on my own accord. I only follow what is revealed to me. Indeed I fear, if I should disobey my Lord, the punishment of a tremendous Day."
5:87 O you who believe! Do not prohibit the good things God has permitted for you, and do not commit aggression. God does not love the aggressors.
5:3 Forbidden ( Haraam )to you are carrion, blood, the flesh of swine, the animal slaughtered in any name other than Allah's, the animal which has either been strangled, killed by blows, has died of a fall, by goring or that devoured by a beast of prey - unless it be that which you yourselves might have slaughtered while it was still alive - and that which was slaughtered at the altars. - You are also forbidden to seek knowledge of your fate by divining arrows. All these are sinful acts. This day the unbelievers have fully despaired of your religion. Do not fear them; but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion, and have bestowed upon you My bounty in full measure, and have been pleased to assign for you Islam as your religion. (Follow, then, the lawful and unlawful bounds enjoined upon you.) As for he who is driven by hunger, without being wilfully inclined to sin, surely Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate.

But Bukhari says that the prophet made gold and silk haraam for men, is he perfectioning the Quran ?