Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hadeeth Rejectors Are Hypocrites

I read Zeynab’s article with glee. I consider her article exemplary of what is wrong with the Anti Hadeeth ideology: steep in ignorance and arrogance.

Ignorance because their study does nothing more then scratch the surface of the topic of Hadeeth and arrogant because they refuse to even consider the most prolific facts of all, that the hadeeth has been studied by millions of scholars throughout the period of 1400 years and yet no one has actually come to reject it.

What is Zeynab’s number one mistake in studying The Sahih Bukhari? She mentions:

“I read the English translations of Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall. Since recently I'd been hearing much about Hadith from many sections of the Muslim community, so I thought of studying it too.”

Again and again, these people commits the same mistake repeatedly. These people study the Hadeeth of the Prophet from it’s TRANSLATIONS and not the original language of the Hadeeth itself, that is Arabic.

Miss Zeynab, what you have studied IS NOT the Sahih Bukhari. What you studied is the TRANSLATION of the SAHIH, which is not the SAHIH at all.

The same goes to the Quran you studied. You did not STUDY THE QURAN. You STUDY THE TRANSLATION of the Quran, WHICH IS NOT THE QURAN.

She further exposes more of her fundamental flaws when she said:

“ As all of you would know, Hadith is the alleged saying of the Prophet Muhammad as claimed by the Muslim clergy, but in reality it is not.”

I challenge anyone to name me one scholar of Islam who says that the Hadeeth of the Prophets are ALEDGED to be the Sayings of the Prophet? This is merely a product of Zainab’s figment of her imagination.

Further mistake commited by Zeynab:

“I found majority of them to be full of absurdities. Most of them clearly contradict the Qur'aan, many are totally unnecessary, some are silly, some are funny and many sound vulgar & embarrassing. “

How can Zeynab find anything considering that even the Quran she studied is NOT THE QURAN but merely the TRANSLATION of the QURAN?? What authority does Zeynab have to claim that a certain hadeeth contradicts the Quran and a certain Hadeeth is absurd an so on and so forth.

All Zeynab did was study the TRANSLATION of the HADEETH and the Quran and nothing more. It’s like Zeynab claiming to have studied a car, when all she did was read the technical manual of a car without even touching or seeing the real car.

Everything the Zeynab understands and believes about the Hadeeth and the Quran is merely a product of her own wild imagination and nothing more.

Funny that Zeynab mentioned to have used the Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall translation. If Zeynab had bothered to read the introduction, she would have read that MM Pickhall openly testified to the fact that there can never be a 100% accurate translation of the Quran.

Dillema of the HAdeeth Rejectors

To those who rejects Al Hadeeth for reasons only they themselves can possibly comprehend, please answer this question:

"Where does it say in the Quran that, for instance, the verse "Ar Rahman Ar Rahim" must come after "Alhamdulillahirabilalamin" in Surah Al Fatihah?

In fact, where does it say in the Quran that Al Fatihah must come before Al Baqarah?

To those who accepts the Quran in it's current form that is popular among all of us right now (called Mushaf Uthmani) means that one is accepting Al Hadeeth of the Prophet SAW.

The QURAN is 100% silent on how the Quran is arranged or on how the Quran should be written and many more.

Anyone accepting the order of the Quran as we know it today is by definition accepting the HAdeeth of the Prophet SAW/


This Zeynab character seems to repeat the same old lies promoted by Anti Hadeeth throughout these years.

For instance she claims, among all, that the Hadeeth is derived from the Old and New Testement. If such claim is true, then the Quran can also be claimed as to be derived from Old and New Testement.

Example: The Prohibition of Pork. Pork is prohibited both in the Quran and the Old Testement. Does that mean that the Quran too is derived from the Old Testement?

The more they try to discredit the Hadeeth the more they expose their own stupidity.


The Anti Hadeeth lot are a bunch of confused lot. Not only their understanding of the Quran is contradictory, their understanding of the Hadeeth is even worse. To make things even worse, they dare to propogate their confused beliefs to others when they are rotten to the core.

I could write hundreds of pages to expose the Anti Hadeeth lies and deception and not to mention their confusions and contradictions. If anyone is interested to see them, feel free to browse at

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